OOZE Resolution Caps 4pk - Green
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OOZE Resolution Caps 4pk - Green

OOZE Resolution Caps 4pk - Green

M E S S   F R E E   T R A V E L   &   C L E A N I N G .

Cleaning your pieces shouldn’t be a huge hassle that makes a mess. Ooze Resolution Res Caps were designed to take all the hassle and mess out of cleaning glass pieces. These water pipe end caps are made from super durable and stretchy silicone. Cover the openings of your bong or pipe with silicone Res Caps so you can shake it hard without getting dirty bong water everywhere!

This pack includes 4 silicone caps, each in a different size. This pack is designed to fit glass water pipes of just about any size. Use the smaller caps to cover the downstem openings, and the larger caps to seal off the mouthpiece. Add the cleaning solution to the piece and cover all openings with a cap. With the airtight, watertight seals created by the Res Caps, you're free to shake the piece up and down, side to side, any direction and as hard as you possibly can without the fear of any gross cleaner leaking out.

To clean, simply rinse with hot water, or toss them right into the dishwasher. Not only do Ooze Resolution Res Caps make cleaning easier, but they make storing and transporting that water pipe simpler, too. Cover the holes with caps and the spill risk drops to zero. Bumps and knocks are no match for the seals of these caps, the water will be trapped tightly inside until it's time to smoke again.

This will also trap the bong's odors inside, making it much more inconspicuous to travel with. Put it in a backpack or bag without worrying about stinking up the rest of the items inside.

SILICONE | Res Caps are made entirely of food-grade silicone that can stretch to fit any opening on your piece. They rinse off easily, just run them under hot water once you’re finished cleaning.

4 PACK | This pack includes 4 Res Caps in 4 different sizes. This pack can be used with a huge variety of different pieces, and should fit most standard-sized downstems and mouthpieces. The diameters of each measure 14mm, 33mm, 45mm, and 72mm.

TRAVEL | Res Caps aren’t just for cleaning! Use them for storage and transport, too. The caps trap water and odors inside, reducing the risk of any spills or stinky smells drawing attention while out and about. Never worry about a bong stinking up your backpack again.

Sold only as a 4 pack.

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